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Dr. Morteza Dorrigiv
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Personal website:
(+98 23) 31 53 39 46
Room 317, Floor 3, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., Semnan University, Semnan, Iran.
Current Position
Assistant Professor
TitleAuthor(s)Journal / Conference / BookJCBDate
Conditional Speculative Mixed Decimal/Binary Adders via Binary-Coded-Chiliad EncodingMorteza Dorrigiv and Ghassem JaberipurComputers and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 50, pp. 39–53 2016,
Low Area/Power Decimal Addition with Carry-Select Correction and Carry-Select Sum-digitsMorteza Dorrigiv and Ghassem JaberipurINTEGRATION, the VLSI journal, Vol. 47, No. 4, pp. 443–451 2014,
Formal Syntax Definition for Resolving Ambiguities in Context-Free GrammarsGhassem Jaberipur and Morteza DorrigivScientia Iranica Journal, Vol. 20, No. 6, pp. 1939-1952 2013,
Radix-10 Addition with Radix-1000 Encoding of Decimal OperandsSamaneh Emami, Morteza Dorrigiv, and Ghassem Jaberipur16th CSI International Symposium on Computer Architecture and Digital Systems, pp. 139-144 2012,
Algorithms for the Graph Coloring Problem based on Swarm IntelligenceMorteza Dorrigiv and Hossain Yeganeh Markib16th CSI International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing, pp. 473-488 2012,
#TitleStudents(s)LocationBSMSPhdStart DateEnd Date
1 Design and Implementation of Web Applications using the Joomla Content Management System Fateme Ebrahimi and Bahare SobhiSemnan University 2016, 2016,
2 A Comprehensive Survey on VoIP Communication System Mohammad-Javad Salehi-JaziSemnan University 2016, 2016,
3 Recommender Systems: Design and Implementation of a Movie Recommendation Engine Abbas Mohammadian and Behnam BineshSemnan University 2016, 2016,
4 Modeling, Design and Implementation of Mobile Payments and Digital Wallets: A Case Study Mohammad Hesam ModaberiSemnan University 2016, 2017,
5 A Survey on Automated Software Testing Tools and Evaluating Performance of Evosuite Tool Mahboobe Rahmati and Masoome AsiabiSemnan University 2016, 2017,
6 Design and Implementation of an Algorithm for Pharmaceutical Database Integration using the Cloud Saeid NasiriSemnan University 2016, 2017,
7 WordPress Customization by Changing the Components Code Hossein Iji and Mostafa SharafiyeSemnan University 2016, 2017,
8 Implementation of a Real-Time Messenger using TCP and UDP Protocols Mohammad-Reza FarahaniSemnan University 2016, 2017,
9 Motion Graphic with Interactive Design Mahdi Parto-Dezfoli and Hossain Parto-DezfoliSemnan University 2017, 2017,
10 Application of Data Mining in Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease Danial ArabiSemnan University 2016, 2017,
11 Introduction to TensorFlow and Implementing a Deep Learning Application with this Tool Hossein-Reza GholamiSemnan University 2017, 2017,
12 Using Oracle NoSql for Data Analysis and Implementing a Database based on it Saeid Keneshli Semnan University 2017, 2017,
13 Design and Implementation of a Small-Scale Social Networking Platform Behzad Binesh and Nader Aseman-bashizSemnan University 2016, 2017,
14 Design and Implementation of an Online Store using the CodeIgniter Web Framework Atiye MalekAhmadi and Sara OmidianSemnan University 2017, 2017,
15 Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Question-Answering System Ali Razazian and Hossein Bazargan Semnan University 2016, 2017,
16 Reverse Engineering and Building Modules for Immunity Debugger Tool Mohammad-Hadi Arghani Semnan University 2017, 2018,
17 Design and Implementation of Web Applications using the Ruby on Rails Framework Mehran Noori Semnan University 2017, 2018,
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